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In this groundbreaking & insightful piece of visual art, we witness Futurama’s Leela riding Bender cowgirl-style while sliding a finger in her ass for added stimulation. Bravo! I did note that in this picture Bender has a pair of external metal balls, while in many other erotic renditions his testicles aren’t visible – either internal or nonexistent. A very minor quibble however.

Courtesy of the fearless and talented artists at Cartoon Reality, presenting your favorite comic & cartoon characters in all their naked & pornographic glory.

Futurama Porn - Leela Rides Bender

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Sexy girl, stripper pole, and standard issue Federation Starfleet jumpsuit in various stages of undress – I’m there, please beam me up…

From those intrepid seekers of uncharted sci-fi nudes and other naked cosplay girls, Erotic FanDom.

Sci-fi Nudes - Star Trek Stripper, natural breasts

Sci-fi Nudes - Star Trek StripperSci-fi Nudes - Trekkie Stripper ToplessSci-fi Nudes - Star Trek Stripper, Nice Ass!

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One of the more famous sci-fi nude scenes of the past few decades courtesy of Total Recall – Arnold aka Douglas Quaid visits a Martian tavern, where he meets the good-natured whore Mary (played by Lycia Naff) who boasts a rather unique set of assets. Three breasts, of course.

I haven’t seen the remake – as a general policy this author avoids unnecessary Hollywood rehashes – but rumor is they were planning on another triple-titted tart. Yet the rating is PG-13 (Paul Verhoeven weeps somewhere in the Low Countries). Confirmation on this?

These stills are from the exhaustive movie nudity archives at Mr. Skin.

Sci-fi Nudes - Total Recall's Three-Breasted Whore

But are they “natural”?

Sci-fi Nudes - Total Recall's Three-Breasted Whore
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I always felt a little bad spurning Miranda for Tali (gotta find out what’s under that suit, right?) in Mass Effect 2, but it looks like she found other outlets for her sexual urges. Here she has a girl-girl encounter with a female crew member in the Normandy’s many corridors…

From the aptly named Cosplay Erotica, who do an amazing job bringing your favorite video game ladies to (very sexy) life.

Mass Effect Porn - Miranda Gets It On With Female Crewmember

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